Minnesota Recovery Connection (MRC)’s mission is to strengthen the recovery community through peer-to-peer support, public education, and advocacy.

ReSurge Treatment Services

ReSurge Treatment Services is a Minnesota 245g licensed, Christian faith-based, treatment program, although all persons are welcome to address their chemical health needs at ReSurge. The definition of Resurge is “to come back from a low point to rise again.” We, at ReSurge, believe that psychological well-being is greatly facilitated by spiritual empowerment and that both are necessary to bring one back from a low point in life. ReSurge utilizes best practices in its approach to treatment but highly emphasizes one’s personal faith in God, more so than typically emphasized in traditional treatment settings. Spiritual and therapeutic concepts are synthesized, highlighting their overlap, mutual complementation, and applicability to everyday life. ReSurge seeks to 1) help restore one’s mental stability, 2) support one’s faith and walk in God, and 3) enlighten and enhance one’s understanding of oneself, one’s personal pattern of addiction, and dynamics that may have been causative in producing as well as instrumental in perpetuating that pattern.

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